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Karenna Colcroft's Open Heart

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Apr 21 '14

True Love Conquers…

True Love Conquers…

…some things. But definitely not all.

Many of my readers know I’m an abuse survivor. I don’t make any secret of it, nor of the issues I struggle with because of it. And in large part because of my own past, the characters who come to me to have their stories told are also often survivors.

I want to make something clear, in part because of a comment made in a recent review of one of my books.…

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Apr 18 '14
Apr 18 '14

Special Guest Evelyn Aster

Special Guest Evelyn Aster

Welcome guest Evelyn Aster today, here to talk about her contribution to the Spellbound Treasures universe created at Jupiter Gardens Press. Evelyn’s book takes place in one of my favorite cities, Albuquerque, New Mexico, which I got to visit in 2012 for GayRomLit. Thanks for stopping by!

Romantic Settings

            Hello lovely readers. I’m Evelyn Aster, the author of Through the Paintings.…

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Apr 17 '14

Two beauties (by ~Klaw~)


Two beauties (by ~Klaw~)

Apr 17 '14

Teaser Thursday- Vegan Werewolf

Teaser Thursday- Vegan Werewolf

This was the scene that started it all. Spawned by a friend’s question “How could a werewolf be vegan,” I dashed off this short scene in May 2010. And it planted the seed that became my Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat series. 

The Wolf

No! Oh, God, anything but this!

I tried to see my body. Fur, check. Pretty off-white color, or at least I would have thought it was pretty if it didn’t cover me. Snout…

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Apr 16 '14





  • gay
  • bisexual
  • trisexual
  • polysexual
  • pansexual
  • asexual
  • demisexual
  • a butch
  • a femme/lipstick lesbian
  • a bear
  • a boi
  • gender queer
  • no gender
  • third gender
  • two-spirit
  • intersex
  • transgender pre or post
  • male
  • female
  • an lgbt ally
  • straight
  • queer or questioning
  • a robot


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Apr 15 '14
Apr 14 '14
Apr 14 '14

Publisher Drama… Again

Publisher Drama… Again

Not one of my publishers, fortunately, but it is one that at one point talked to me about writing for them. And one that several of my writer friends have been published by.

Graffiti Art - No Entry

Silver Publishing started off pretty well, with good intentions and an apparent interest in doing the best for their authors.

Then royalty payments started showing up late, if they showed up at all.

Someone took over the…

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Apr 13 '14

Went to a piercing place with my older kiddo yesterday. I have four piercings in each ear. I used to have a cartilage piercing in one ear and a navel piercing, but I had to take those out because they kept getting irritated.

I kind of wanted another piercing, so I was talking to the piercer. We agreed that since some of my pants and skirts come to my waist, I shouldn’t get another navel piercing, and that a cartilage piercing might have the same problem as before. He suggested facial piercings (nose, lip, or eyebrow), but I’ve promised my husband I won’t get those.

The female cashier cupped her breasts and said, “How about you get the twins done?”

Um… ouch?